June 26, 2015

Camp, Camp, Camp

Going to camp can be scary for a child. New faces and experiences without mom and dad can be daunting. As we head into the Summer season let's make prepping for camp exciting! It's an adventure after all! I'm super excited to share the experience this summer with my own children. I'm hoping they come back excited with life skills and fun memories that last a lifetime. Let's get the kids excited and shake away the jitters for this new or even revisited venture in life!



 1. Reversible Sherpa Hoodie

 2. Flannel Peace Heart Smile Pants

 3. Summer Camp Ankle Socks

 4. Go Fish Card Game

 5. Need More Sleep Sweatshirt Duffel Bag

 6. 3-in-1 Shampoo, Body Wash & Bubble Bath- Sparkling Sugar Scented



May 05, 2015

M is for MOM

I just love NYC in the spring. Now that the weather is actually starting to feel like spring that is. People in the city seem to be smiling a bit more, and walking with a little "spring" in their step.  May has crept up so quickly; It's already the week of Mother's Day so I'm thinking about how to celebrate my mom and grand-mom, and how I will enjoy the day with my 2 littles. It's definitely a time for feeling a lot of gratitude about how fortunate I am. This week, my kids preschool hosts a very cute celebration called "Moms & Muffins" where the moms come to their child's class for muffins of course, and we receive a special project from our kids that they've created just for us. It's a very nice morning, especially looking at the kids faces just beaming with happiness. It's the cutest! 


In looking around for ideas of what my kids can do for my mom, I found some really cute crafts and recipes out there that you or your husband (hint, hint, breakfast in bed please!!) can do with the kids for Mother's Day to celebrate their mom. The video is funny and gives a great recipe! Take a peek...



I'm also loving this project  from "The Educators Spin on It" blog. It's the perfect way to teach the kids something artsy and new and create an original gift for the moms in your life. See the finished product below and click the pic for the instructions! 


Give it a try if you want and most of all, Have FUN with your kids this weekend! :)



April 17, 2015

Spring Festivities

Spring has finally arrived here in NYC! What better way to celebrate Spring than with all kinds of Earthy celebration and crafts? Easter was so full of family fun. Our teachers here at Imagination Lane did this decorated egg project with our "Paint, Scribble, Wiggle & Giggle" art class.  Since I didn't get a chance to post our DIY craft project before Easter, here it is! The project below is fun for kids ages 3 and up and requires no real eggs!


Spring Egg Craft




1 Small cup of Modpodge
Papier-mâché Egg
1 Pink Dot Marker (or a variety of colors)
1 Paint Brush
Variety of Tissue Paper
Tacky Glue
Floral and Bug foam stickers (for embellishment)
Pom-poms (Optional)
1. Cover the egg in Modpodge with a paint brush.
2. Stick tissue paper squares onto the Modpodged area. Use a bit more Modpodge to smooth out all areas being covered on the egg. When you're happy with the tissue paper covered base, set the egg to dry or move onto step three. 
3. Embellish egg with Spring foamies, dot markers, and pom-poms!
Happy Crafting & Happy Spring!





February 11, 2015

Will You Be Mine?

Ahh. February. Very cold here in NYC, but I love that Valentine's Day is almost here. The time for sweethearts candy, lovely cards to create and fun crafts to do with the kids! I keep asking my kids jokingly "Will you be mine??" They look at me with confusion and say, Mom - Aren't we already yours? What do you mean?? HA. 


So to catch up since our last post which was a while ago - Imagination Lane has had a busy few months- In December we felt like little elves running around trying to get it all done - to fill all our orders quickly and make every party the most fun it could be. Mission accomplished I think. PHEW! The Holiday Season seemed to have passed by so quickly, and now we are currently prepping for some adorable winter birthday parties and a special yearly Valentine's Party that a friend of mine hosts. It's always my favorite party, as she is the best hostess! 


Here at Imagination Lane my staff is loving the scent of Primal Elements soaps. As a Valentines treat here is a special promo code to use on either of our love themed "Smooches" or "Cherish" hand soaps. Use Promo code: LOVESOAP at check out for 10% off the item of your choice. Click the image below to take you there now!
P.S.- Since I am also continuing my Pinterest addiction, I have found some truly crafts for Valentine's so I thought I would share...
I love this DINO-MITE Valentine Card Craft by Crafty Morning. Very cute and easy for any age.
Happy Love Day to ALL! 
 Items Featured





November 25, 2014

Things to be thankful for

Holiday preparations have begun and the anticipation for the busy days ahead is settling in. There are parties to attend, dinners to be made, family and friends to be reconnected with. Through the hustle and bustle it's easy to get caught up and become overwhelmed in all the preparation. In the midst of all the prep and celebration it's important to take a moment to soak everything in and really absorb the people around you and the love being shared. Hit pause at any moment. Turn off the stress, appreciate the air in your lungs, the roof over your head and the people you share your moments with. Happy Thanksgiving!


 Keep the kids entertained with their own special space:

November 11, 2014


Movember! What a funny name and theme for this month. My husband Jordan who is always up for beard growing (hello Hockey playoffs) has fully gotten into the mustache spirit, and is currently sporting a goatee which he says he will shave some off when his "stache" grows in. Well that should be an interesting look! Imagination Lane is also getting in that spirit as we are highlighting our delish mustache soaps, our Holiday Gift Guide and some cool ideas for Thanksgiving courtesy of The Crafting Chics. (Click on the mustache pic below if you would like to buy it for some lucky little one or mustache fanatic! Use discount code MOVEMBER at checkout) 



We have also started choosing our "Holiday Gift Guide Items". These are products that are already starting to sell, so we most likely will not have too many left soon! Here are our top choices for ages 5 and under and 6 and up. Take a peek: 





As promised, here are some amazing ideas for any thanksgiving celebration with kids from The Crafting Chicks




I hope you enjoyed the blog, and found some great ideas for the holidays! 





October 14, 2014


Hello All! I'm glad to be sharing my new blog post (#2 for me). I'm having a lot of fun putting down my thoughts and sharing fun fall activities that I'm finding... I hope you enjoy this too!


New York is just so beautiful in the fall and the weather is crisp and lovely. October is a fun month for our family as we go apple and pumpkin picking and finding some really cool Fall Festivals around town. The kids are settling into school really well and we are having a ball deciding on (and trying on) our costumes for Halloween. Even with all of this fun stuff going on, it is also a time for reflecting and thinking of others, as this is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I think of close friends who have had scares and I think of someone that I knew from High School who recently lost her fight at the very young age of 39, leaving her husband and 5 year old daughter behind. It makes me squeeze my children tighter and try not to sweat the small stuff. It also reminds me to appreciate every moment. Even the ones where my kids are driving me nuts! HA! (If you would like to donate, simply click on the picture below and it will take you to the American Cancer Society).



Now back to fall and Halloween crafts; I found a really cute and appropriately "ghoulish" craft on A project is always special when it includes kids very own hand prints. It's Spooky Halloween Hands! 



You can click on the picture for the full tutorial, but this is an easy craft that kids will have a lot of fun doing. Basically drawing and then cutting out the shapes of their hands, gluing on orange triangles, lots of glitter glue fun for design and creepy colored wiggly eyes! (With younger kids, I would simply pre-cut the orange triangles and their drawn hand prints for them). For kids that are 5 and up, it will be a good craft for them to hone their scissor skills.. Happy Halloween Crafting! 


Check out our awesome feature in NY Family Magazine





September 10, 2014


Hi All. Today is an exciting day for me, it's my very FIRST blog post. I am curious about this whole blogging thing, and honestly a little scared about what to write (and share) but here goes...


When I created Imagination Lane in my mind, I envisioned it as the place where people will go to find gifts, toys, party decor and party favors that are on the road less traveled so to speak. Something unique, fun and chic all in one. 


I absolutely love planning parties, thinking of interesting ways to entertain kids (and adults too sometimes) while combining that with specialty party favors so the guests take home something of quality. It's always been a little pet peeve of mine about booking an expensive party at a kids play space only to be disappointed with the favors they include. More often than not, we would come home with water bottles with the party location's logo on it and a coupon from that gym.  I do however, realize that I am a little more obsessive about this than most people, especially being a complete and utter pinterest addict where everything is just so perfectly done and beautiful. It's also the event planner in me, I just want everything to be styled and lovely, even if my kids will rip it apart in two minutes. But for that one moment of total put-togetherness, i am just smiling. A Perfect example (as pictured here), was my daughter's 3rd birthday. Frozen all the way of course! 



Ahh... It just makes me smile looking at this picture right now.


SO. Enough about me for now, My plan for this blog is to share some of my favorite styling inspirations, kids parties, maybe even recipes, awesome gifts and toys that I find. Basically all things kids and family related that i think would be interesting to all of you! Without bombarding you with tons of posts!! 


I hope you will join me on this fun learning experience, and more importantly, i hope i will inspire you with my finds.. 



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