It's that time of year again! The August hustle and bustle to check off all the supplies from the school supplies list. The familiar scent of Fall ready to take over the Summer heat. Check out these first day of school tips.
1. Eat a Solid Breakfast: If your child isn't used to waking up early hours a healthy breakfast will help them start off the day nice and energized and they'll be full until lunch time. No rumbling bellies here.
2. Pack the Night Before: For some reason there never seems to be enough time to get ready in the morning so prep as much as you can the night before to save some time. 
3. First Day of School Party: Invite neighbors and family get together and have school themed snacks and goodies. 
4. Let Your Child Pick Their Own Outfit: Let your child have the option to put their best foot forward in clothes that make them feel brave. They're at an age where everyone else is making decisions for them. If mismatched socks makes them feel confident why not let them enjoy that choice.
5. First day of School Bedtime Stories: There are so many stories about the first day of school. Reading stories with characters in the same scenario your child is going into will make the first day of school a far less intimidating experience.
6. School Visit: If the school offers some sort of orientation or walk through take that opportunity to bring your child along. When the first day of school rolls around it'll already be a familiar experience. If the school doesn't offer a walk through even taking a day to walk (or drive) to the school. 
Finally always be positive about the school experience. Get kids excited and ask questions about  how they feel about going to school.
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