April 17, 2015

Spring Festivities

Spring has finally arrived here in NYC! What better way to celebrate Spring than with all kinds of Earthy celebration and crafts? Easter was so full of family fun. Our teachers here at Imagination Lane did this decorated egg project with our "Paint, Scribble, Wiggle & Giggle" art class.  Since I didn't get a chance to post our DIY craft project before Easter, here it is! The project below is fun for kids ages 3 and up and requires no real eggs!


Spring Egg Craft




1 Small cup of Modpodge
Papier-mâché Egg
1 Pink Dot Marker (or a variety of colors)
1 Paint Brush
Variety of Tissue Paper
Tacky Glue
Floral and Bug foam stickers (for embellishment)
Pom-poms (Optional)
1. Cover the egg in Modpodge with a paint brush.
2. Stick tissue paper squares onto the Modpodged area. Use a bit more Modpodge to smooth out all areas being covered on the egg. When you're happy with the tissue paper covered base, set the egg to dry or move onto step three. 
3. Embellish egg with Spring foamies, dot markers, and pom-poms!
Happy Crafting & Happy Spring!





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