November 17, 2015

Thanksgiving Survival Guide

I'm sure Thanksgiving looks different for us all, but at the end of the day if you're shopping and preparing Thanksgiving dinner you'll most likely be stressed. Read ahead for tips on surviving the week with your sanity in tact. 

1. MAKE LISTS! Planning is the number one tip to help you stay on track and sane. Start planning before Thanksgiving. Put down everything you'll need and when you'll need to get it by. Plan your dinner, entertainment etc. 

2. DO NOT wait until last min to do the grocery shopping. You'll want to get what you can preferably a week or more before Thanksgiving day. Why? Do you enjoy waiting on massive lines and Hunger Games style food shopping? If you don't, shop early. You'll love yourself for it in the end. 

3. DISTRACT the kids: I love my children. I really do. But when push comes to shove we know they're not going to sit around quietly while you cook and prepare. Have a plan and a way to distract the kids while you work. Have movies, games, art projects and snacks ready for them. You pick and choose the combination but have a distraction game plan! Have your spouse take them outside to play - that's always my fave. 

4. GET HELP! I know you can do it all but everyone needs a little help. Recruit the kids, grandparents or your spouse to help out. What can they contribute? Table setting, cleanup? Does anyone have recipes they can prepare? What about the last minute grocery store run that no one wants to make that day? Who can help? 
5. BREATHE & STAY CALM. Nothing and no one is perfect so breathe, relax and let go of crazy expectations of perfection. A little wine never hurts too!
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