July 23, 2015

5 Ways to Beat the Summer Heat!

The Summer heat can slow us down so we've gathered a few (healthy) tips to cool down and enjoy the season


 Stay HYDRATED: The most important of all these tips. Stay hydrated! Make drinking water fun. Grab a mason jar fill it with some fruit. Add a crazy straw and it's automatically more fun and tasty for you and the kids. When things get hot make sure to make drinking water and eating watery fruit a priority.



Spa Day: Have a spa day! Soak your feet and moisturize hands. This is super simple and super relaxing you can use household items to create a mini spa or find recipes online for your own face mask. Either way we have plenty of spa day goodies here at Imagination Lane from diy spa slippers to face masks and nail stickers



Frozen & Healthy: Freeze or chill some fruit on a popsicle or skewer. Grapes, melon, strawberries. You can let the kids help you with prep. For a little sweet extra you can drizzle some yogurt or melted chocolate before freezing them.



Water Play: Who says you need to go to a water park to have fun. From around the house collect: Buckets, sponges, mister bottles & water balloons. Home made fun.



Refreshing Picnic: Whether at the park, beach or your own back yard; everyone can appreciate a picnic! Load up on refreshing and watery fruits and veggies to help keep everyone cool. Mix it up your décor with some of our vibrant disposable utensils (cups, plates, straws



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