May 05, 2015

M is for MOM

I just love NYC in the spring. Now that the weather is actually starting to feel like spring that is. People in the city seem to be smiling a bit more, and walking with a little "spring" in their step.  May has crept up so quickly; It's already the week of Mother's Day so I'm thinking about how to celebrate my mom and grand-mom, and how I will enjoy the day with my 2 littles. It's definitely a time for feeling a lot of gratitude about how fortunate I am. This week, my kids preschool hosts a very cute celebration called "Moms & Muffins" where the moms come to their child's class for muffins of course, and we receive a special project from our kids that they've created just for us. It's a very nice morning, especially looking at the kids faces just beaming with happiness. It's the cutest! 


In looking around for ideas of what my kids can do for my mom, I found some really cute crafts and recipes out there that you or your husband (hint, hint, breakfast in bed please!!) can do with the kids for Mother's Day to celebrate their mom. The video is funny and gives a great recipe! Take a peek...



I'm also loving this project  from "The Educators Spin on It" blog. It's the perfect way to teach the kids something artsy and new and create an original gift for the moms in your life. See the finished product below and click the pic for the instructions! 


Give it a try if you want and most of all, Have FUN with your kids this weekend! :)



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