February 11, 2015

Will You Be Mine?

Ahh. February. Very cold here in NYC, but I love that Valentine's Day is almost here. The time for sweethearts candy, lovely cards to create and fun crafts to do with the kids! I keep asking my kids jokingly "Will you be mine??" They look at me with confusion and say, Mom - Aren't we already yours? What do you mean?? HA. 


So to catch up since our last post which was a while ago - Imagination Lane has had a busy few months- In December we felt like little elves running around trying to get it all done - to fill all our orders quickly and make every party the most fun it could be. Mission accomplished I think. PHEW! The Holiday Season seemed to have passed by so quickly, and now we are currently prepping for some adorable winter birthday parties and a special yearly Valentine's Party that a friend of mine hosts. It's always my favorite party, as she is the best hostess! 


Here at Imagination Lane my staff is loving the scent of Primal Elements soaps. As a Valentines treat here is a special promo code to use on either of our love themed "Smooches" or "Cherish" hand soaps. Use Promo code: LOVESOAP at check out for 10% off the item of your choice. Click the image below to take you there now!
P.S.- Since I am also continuing my Pinterest addiction, I have found some truly crafts for Valentine's so I thought I would share...
I love this DINO-MITE Valentine Card Craft by Crafty Morning. Very cute and easy for any age.
Happy Love Day to ALL! 
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