September 10, 2014


Hi All. Today is an exciting day for me, it's my very FIRST blog post. I am curious about this whole blogging thing, and honestly a little scared about what to write (and share) but here goes...


When I created Imagination Lane in my mind, I envisioned it as the place where people will go to find gifts, toys, party decor and party favors that are on the road less traveled so to speak. Something unique, fun and chic all in one. 


I absolutely love planning parties, thinking of interesting ways to entertain kids (and adults too sometimes) while combining that with specialty party favors so the guests take home something of quality. It's always been a little pet peeve of mine about booking an expensive party at a kids play space only to be disappointed with the favors they include. More often than not, we would come home with water bottles with the party location's logo on it and a coupon from that gym.  I do however, realize that I am a little more obsessive about this than most people, especially being a complete and utter pinterest addict where everything is just so perfectly done and beautiful. It's also the event planner in me, I just want everything to be styled and lovely, even if my kids will rip it apart in two minutes. But for that one moment of total put-togetherness, i am just smiling. A Perfect example (as pictured here), was my daughter's 3rd birthday. Frozen all the way of course! 



Ahh... It just makes me smile looking at this picture right now.


SO. Enough about me for now, My plan for this blog is to share some of my favorite styling inspirations, kids parties, maybe even recipes, awesome gifts and toys that I find. Basically all things kids and family related that i think would be interesting to all of you! Without bombarding you with tons of posts!! 


I hope you will join me on this fun learning experience, and more importantly, i hope i will inspire you with my finds.. 



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